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Wow my ask responses were really redundant considering my original post for that I am sorry. It’s been a while since I read it, soyeah. »;;

ahmyconor said: I didnt know misophonia was a thing and explains a lot about my own blind rage towards certain triggers. How did you go about being diagnosed because I'm honestly tired of being told I'm overreacting and being a bitch for "overreacting."

I don’t know if it’s something that is formally diagnosed. I wouldn’t say it’s uncommon, but it’s not very known about. And there isn’t really much in the way of treatment for it as far as I know… Besides symptom management like avoiding triggers and finding ways to cope with them as best you can. But stuff like that is all stuff I learned from experience or people with similar sensory problems. I’ve never spoken to a professional about it really, someone here suggested I might have it when I was talking about symptoms one day, and since I’ve just done a lot of reading.

That said, if you think you have misophonia, you probably have misophonia. I don’t think there are any tests for it, but I don’t think there’s a lot of room for confusion about it.

I’ve found that my best tool for getting people to stop dismissing me, is being able to explain it and what it is. As much as I wish “could you eat quieter it makes me rage” would work, it usually doesn’t. Being able to put a name on it and explain that it’s a neurological problem is more effective.

Also, I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with that. :[ Hopefully people will be more understanding in the future.

Anonymous said: I love your post about misophonia, it made me so happy. nobody gets it or believes me when I explain and somehow they turn it around on me, so I've just kept it to myself but again great post! :)

I know it’s really hard to get people to listen about it, so I’m really glad if my post helps. :)

littlehawkeye said: Hello there. I too have misophonia and it really freaks me out. Do you know of any treatment/stuff that makes it better? Because I've tried explaining it to the people around me and they don't care/understand.

I don’t know of anything that makes the misophonia go away or lessen (I wish I did believe me), except maybe reducing stress, since stress seems to make it worse for me… But also 99% of the time if your life is stressful there’s no way to easily fix that. Cuz if you could, you would yeah?

As symptom management goes, I use headphones a lot. I like ear-buds because they block out noise better for cheap headphones, but they have the problem of amplifying your own breathing/chewing noises so if that bothers you, you have to be careful. Ideally I’d like some over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones but I can’t afford that.

Also sitting across from eating people is quieter than sitting next to them. Which IDK is probably obvious but I didn’t think of that since I like to sit across from people I want to talk to.

Sometimes sounds repeat in my head which is awful, and I think the best thing for that is listening to something I have to focus on the audio of. Like a video of someone talking, with music playing in the background. Or a video game with important audio cues. If I can’t do any of that I play back some music in my head trying to remember as many parts as I can. (So not just the melody but also the instruments and harmonies.. as much as I remember.) I find heavily layered music is good for this cuz it takes more focus.

A lot of people simply don’t care, and that sucks, but there honestly isn’t much you can do about it if they don’t have any desire to learn. So it’s important to do what you can to take care of yourself. Like, you know when you need to leave a situation. As far as I know, misophonia triggers don’t lessen with exposure, even controlled exposure. So there isn’t a reason to bear it more often than you have to.

Good luck.

I’m back for a little while because I keep getting asks about misophonia I guess my post about it is going around again? (I get e-mail notifications about asks otherwise I wouldn’t even know.)

I’m still like mentally fritzy and so IDK. I don’t want to hurt anyone more than I have already either. So I’m not really back here. I’m not sure what I want to do with this account actually, since so many people from different parts of my life follow it. It’s weird. *shrug*

Ok so here’s the deal with my last few posts take it or leave it. I’m not going to bother trying to be brief because I’m already a woefully inefficient communicator and whenever I try to be brief I lose too much.

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taking a break from Tumblr for a while. My depression is really bad recently. Oh, and my life is more shitty than usual. So that’s two things.

I’m surprised any of you even noticed my absence lol. Anyway please don’t worry about me. 

I’m very sorry.

I shouldn’t have said any of that and I shouldn’t have tried to defend it either.

Take it or leave it but there it is. Better apology later when I have reading comprehension skills again and can apologize correctly.

copfucker93 replied to your post “Ok so like…”

bc i was expecting you to be hyper aware??????? ok

this wasn’t aimed at you at all. (I woulda told you directly if it was.) I don’t have a problem with people pointing stuff out to me. Like if I saw someone who I knew was terrible just reblogged and praised that’d make me hella uncomfortable. I get it.

It’s just that post I saw earlier with the terf list was kinda like “if you see these people on your dash and don’t do anything then you’re just as bad as they are” and I was just like “??????” because I was pretty sure the point of having terf lists (or similar) was for people to know who avoid and to be able to put together block lists and stuff.

But isn’t blocking known terfs the same thing as ignoring them? It just keeps them from showing up on your dash. I don’t think I’m “just as bad” because I don’t have the energy to deal with disgusting people?

I get not wanting to see things from shitty people on your dash, or letting people know about it. And I have no problem with ppl being like “yo, that person u posted from is a shithead”

I’m sorry though. I should have been more clear. 

edit: sorry for this. Leaving it up though because transparency.

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